Supply with original spare parts and lubricants directly from Germany

Ladies and Gentlemen,

for 7 years we supply the former UDSSR with original vehicle spare parts and lubricants.

The spare part market for vehicle original spare parts in Russia will increase in the next years by 20%, since ever more vehicles are sold, because vehicles can be bought for few years also by credit.

All manufacturers have an unsatisfactory logistics and they need from the order to the supply of the spare part between 4 and 8 weeks. This condition is not customer-oriented.

From there in the last years many companies developed in Moscow as e.g. www.exist.ru , the order spare parts central in Germany to order and then further deliver into the regions. The prices are high and the delivery time up to the customer approx. 14 days.

As a member of the Russian President program during my visits I saw that the regions themselves are searching for contacts to Germany to buy directly cheaper and faster than in Moscow. Additionally one can save 2-3 days the delivery time, if a truck (3.5 t pay load, commodity value approx. 25,000 € ) goes directly from Germany into a certain region in Russia.

This quantity to supply is possible in the large cities with appropriate market position. Favourable is a customs station locally, so that the commodity can be brought directly to the place of destination. We operate the business for approx. 5 years with Muscovite companies, want however for the reasons mentioned also find partners in the regions.

a)We can supply the followings marks of original spare parts: AUDI • BMW • FORD • LAND ROVER • LEXUS • ONE • MINI • MAZDA • MERCEDES (+ Trucks) • MITSUBISHI • OPEL • PORSCHE • SCANIA • SEAT • SKODA • SUBARU • TOYOTA • VOLVO • VOLKSWAGEN. There are German-Russian workers in my companies, which can communicate directly with you in your language.

b)How can you determine the spare parts and order: There are some Russian web pages, which you can use : www.detali.ru and www.elcats.ru are the largest offerers. Particularly for BMW, Nissan and Subaru there is still the Russian side http://bmwfans.info.

c)When you determined the spare parts, please send me an order as an excel list with the make, the spare part number, the quantity and the price on andreas.hoevel@auto-hoevel.fr. I will be concerned at the beginning personally with the order, so that everything works well.

d)Wherefrom will you get the prices of the spare parts: Please download the newest sides under the point price lists The lists concern the list prices of the manufacturer. You also find your discounts and an offer at high quality brand lubricants.

e)How can we transport the parts from Germany to your place: It is favorable to select a transportation company which has an office directly in your town and also the customs service. We know different international shipping companies, ask us. For further information please call us or send an email

Have a good business

Kind regards

Andreas Hoevel